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1.15 Support + Store Sale Update

1.15 Support is here!

All open servers now allow anyone in versions 1.8 to 1.15 to join with ease! After everyone catches up, we will be updating Survival to 1.15 as well for the usage of bees and all of the additional features that come with the latest version!

Additionally, we are holding a 60% sale on our store to celebrate the holidays and also the update to Minecraft! Click

Factions Release Info Update

💯 Factions Release Information 💯

As many of you know, Factions has been down for maintenance for well over a month. I have been putting in most of my time lately into making sure Factions will be released very soon! The release is actually right around the corner!

The server will have lots of new things that weren't ever going to be added before, such as:
Monthly Crates,

Voting Status Important

As our server slowly grows, every single vote helps! We like to reward you for voting and currently, we only give said rewards on Skyblock but they are soon to move to the other servers! We will be rewarding the monthly top voters with special rewards for their contributions to helping our server grow.

On Skyblock we currently reward voters with $500 in-game cash and a vote crate key! Our vote crates give you a random item from its reward selection and they are permanent. We will also soon be bringing ranks to crates so voting could turn out to giving you a FREE rank for Skyblock!

We currently have 5 voting links, click below!

1.14.4 Server Support Update

Minecraft has released Minecraft 1.14.4 recently so we have successfully upgraded to support the latest version. All of our servers that are open are now accessible by 1.14.4 versions and are playable. Of course, there are differences in versions so some items and features that are available to either previous versions or newer versions are either removed or changed to be cross-compatible. I would like to apologize for some of the features that are removed due to this, but it allows you to play with your friends and not require them to play on the same version. We like to include everyone and the only way we can do so is to remove some of those small features that you may love or hate. We are very thankful you have chosen to play with...

✱ Skyblock Update v1.0.3 ✱ Update

v1.0.0 - v1.0.2

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